The Way Life Should Be

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Mackenzie and Ben set me up for what I consider my ideal shoot. They live way up where civilization ends in Maine's western interior and when I found this out, I was hellbent on taking their engagement photos in their area. I picked them up at their place and started at this fascinating bridge over a river surrounded by stunning orange foliage. Then, driving through the woods I slammed on the brakes. There was this overgrown clearing with deep orange light pouring in from behind a pine stand. I live for this.

Getting to drive up a mountain side after all that was practically indulgent, and timing it perfectly with the last of the direct sunlight was something I'd like to take credit for, but no one is actually that good. Throw in the fact that these two are off-the-charts adorable and I mean... It all felt like I was getting away with something. Go to Maine.