So good to meet you.

Hi, I'm Graham and I'm really glad you stopped by. Let me introduce myself.

I'm a husband to an incredible wife and a dad to two wild little girls. They keep me in all kinds of trouble. I'm serious, if I can get through writing this without one of them starting a fire I will be very impressed. I wouldn't want it any other way.

I was born and raised in the Greater Boston area and that's where home is today. I don't just love New England, I believe in it. This is the best place in the world.

I'm a big kid in a lot of ways. I obsess over camping and road trips. I like my music fast, dumb and loud. I want to live on a mountain. And then there's photography. I went to Europe when I was 21 with a terrible little camera and it was all over. I knew what I wanted to do and I haven't stopped since.

I really love my job. I meet wonderful people who invite me into extraordinary moments of their lives. My work is part of my legacy and I'm privileged to be able to leave one about something as beautiful as new families. Really, I'm just a regular guy lucky enough to make people happy for a living. I pretty much struck gold.

I describe my photography as simple images with an iconic feel. I like an interplay between elegance and bold styling in my pictures. I use layered, thoughtful compositions while looking for unexpected moments. This is the core of my aesthetic.



“Graham photographed our wedding and he captured the day absolutely perfectly. He really listened to what sort of style we wanted for photos, lots of candid and 'unposed' pictures, while also capturing the more traditional pictures - keeping our parents happy! He was extremely professional and his work is truly gorgeous. It's possible I'm biased, but I think our wedding photos are the most fun, interesting and beautiful I have seen.”

What I Do.

Wedding photography in New England throws a lot at a photographer with every weather condition, every season, every kind of light, mountains, fields, forests, lakes and oceans, city streets, tents, ballrooms and I could go on and on. Being flexible and embracing that variety is how I've found creative success. My theory for approaching all these different subjects is to shoot and edit towards the strength of the scene. If it's a bright and beautiful sunny day, the photos should show that. If it's cloudy or rainy, use the natural elements of the scene to make the photo rich and dramatic. I think this gives my work integrity by staying true to the unique qualities of every shoot, while keeping my style elevated and beautiful.

I also think my process with people is just as important as my aesthetics. It's vital for a photographer to respect a wedding as a wedding and not just a photo shoot. Knowing when and how to pull back and blend in and when to get more hands-on is the key ingredient that makes a wedding photographer good at their job. This should also all be fun! Everyone wants to have a good time and that includes making sure I'm helping that happen.

Knowing how to plan and be involved in the pre-wedding process is a huge part of this concept and something I fully embrace. This is where I bring my more-than-a-decade of experience, earned by shooting hundreds of weddings, to the benefit of my clients. This kind of knowledge and expertise only comes with experience, and it's what makes my work possible.

I want to shoot your wedding.

I'm pleased to offer full-day coverage packages starting at $3600. Please inquire for more information.