Take A Chance

Oh man. Weddings in 2020 have taken a strange turn for obvious reasons. Matt and Caroline had an intimate ceremony in Berlin, New Hampshire with their close loved ones. Because of the smaller size of the event I'm choosing to be discrete and only share a select set of their images, but I'm very excited about this set.

So the day was rainy. Very rainy. We had the ceremony, which was beautiful, and moved to a local park with lake views. It was lovely, but with the weather and some limitations of the location I felt like we were missing something. We didn't have a hard stop time due to the scale of the event so I decided to throw a Hail Mary. I told the couple "I would be bad at my job if I didn't suggest we drive up Mount Washington." They agreed.

We drove about 20 miles to the mountain, in the rain, and I was nervous. I had no idea what it was going to be like on the mountain, but I had a feeling it was going to be cool no matter what. About a quarter of a mile away, the sun poked through the clouds and when I came around the corner to see a clear, open view of Mount Adams I got goosebumps. We shot up to the tree line and I was in Heaven.

In this line of work, sometimes, I just have to take a chance and go for the crazy idea. If it doesn't go my way, I make it work. But when it does go my way, I rediscover the reasons I love my job and it makes me a better photographer.